3rd to 4th December 2014 in Munich

The first OPEN ACCESS AMBASSADORS’ training was conceived as a two-day workshop in Munich from 3rd to 4th December 2014 in Munich at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry. Every Max Planck Institute was invited to delegate one young researcher to attend the workshop and become an OPEN ACCESS AMBASSADOR.


Wednesday, December 3rd

13:00 Welcome & Opening | Introduction & Moderation: Sandra Vengadasalam

13:15 Prateek Mahalwar, Max Planck PhDnet [download]

13:30 Frank Sander, Max Planck Digital Library/ General Manager [download]

13:45 Georg Botz, Max Planck Society/ Open Access Policy [download]

14:00 Astrid Orth, Göttingen State and University Library/ FOSTER [download]

14:15 – Opening Speech: Advancing Research by Returning Research Communication to its Roots

Nick Shockey, Right to Research Coalition, USA [download]

 14:45 – Tea/ Coffee break

Researchers’ perspective on Open Access | Moderation: Prateek Mahalwar

15:00 – Open Access in the Scientific Discourse and Quality Assurance

Ulrich Pöschl, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry [download]

15:30 – My experiences with open access publishing as an early-career researcher

Erin C. McKiernan, National Institute of Public Health, Mexico [download]

16:00 – If only access were the only problem of our infrastructure!

Björn Brembs, University of Regensburg [download]

16:30 – Closing remarks day one

16:45 – Presentation: Meet Boston Consulting Group


19:00 – “AMBASSADORS’ NIGHT” at Filmcasino Munich (Odeonsplatz 8, 80539 Munich)

Special guest & dinner talk: Randy Schekman [download]

The Ambassadors’ night will be supported by: next prev


Thursday, December 4th

Open Access Publishing: Misconceptions & perspectives | Moderation: Kai Geschuhn

10:00 – Opening Speech: DORA the reformer – prospects for new approaches to research assessment

Mark Patterson, eLIFE [download]

Publishers’ panel

10:30 – De Gruyter Open (Gerhard Pappert) [download]

10:45 – Faculty 1000 Research (Michaela Torkar, Editorial Director) [download]

11:00 – Frontiers (Mirjam Curno, Editorial Office Manager) [download]

11:15 – SpringerOpen (Veronika Spinka, Open Access Manager) [download]

11:30 – Copernicus Publications (Xenia van Edig, Business Development) [download]

11:45 – QScience– “From Göttingen to Doha: Destination #openaccess”

(Alwaleed Alkhaja, Senior Editor)

12:00 – ScienceOpen (Stephanie Dawson, Managing Director) [download]

12:30 – Lunch

Hands On! Open Access Workshop | Moderation: Prateek Mahalwar

13:15 – Talking about open access with your colleagues and advisors

Meredith Niles, Harvard University [download]

13:45 – Data mining & re-use of published research: copyright problems & the benefits of full open access, elucidated

Ross Mounce, University of Bath [download part I] [download part II]

14:30 – Tools and Support for Open Access at Max Planck Society

Kai Geschuhn, Michael Franke, MPDL [download]

15:00 – Tea/ Coffee break

15:30 – Introduction to Workspaz, Discussion: How to share materials and build up the network, questions. Closing remarks.

Andreas Vogler & Organizing team

16:30 – End of conference